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Mary's Message to the World
by Annie Kirkwood

This book contains a series of "talks", as given by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to Annie Kirkwood between 1987 and 1991. Mary's message contains startling warnings and instruction to people on earth. She wants people to know the coming earth changes over the next ten years, and to have time to prepare for these changes. This, however is not the real message of the book, but is intended to give validity to the message as the events happen. The real message is how to find God in our heart and mind, how to live our lives more fully conscious of our presence and purpose here on earth, and how to prepare ourselves for our re-entry into the spirit world after physical death.

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luMary's Message to the World Audio Tape Set
by Annie Kirkwood

The entire Mary's Message to the World book is available on a five-cassette audio tape album (7 hours playing time).

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Mary's Messages of Hope
by Annie Kirkwood

The continuing messages from the
Mary's Message/Newsletter , since April 1992 are now available in book form. Amazingly Mary's messages takes on their own life as a stand-alone book, full of encouragement and understanding. Annie says, "Mary's bi-monthly messages helped me with my own inner work, which is a daily undertaking. They encourage me to keep up the work of clearing my heart from long-held fear to release old hurts and angers."

Now, Volume Two has arrived. These are the newsletter messages from Dec 1996 to Oct 2000. As with the original book (now Volume One), each message contains Annie's message and a message from Mother Mary.

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Related information:

The previous newsletters, since Feb 1992, are contained in the book Mary's Message of Hope
available through or at many local bookstores.


Here's the messages Annie received from Mother Mary before and during the
Conclave for Peace, our open house and annual Mary Day "get-together" (Aug 15, 1999). Annie's poem: "God Loves Me, Just as I Am!"

The Spanish translation above was done courtesy of Claudia in Houston.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to her for her efforts and excellent work.


Subscriptions for the full printed version of the "Mary's Message/Newsletter" are supported by a donation of $15.00 (for one year, six issues) to cover the printing, postage, and other expenses. For international, $24.00 in US cash only. The newsletter is sent out about the middle of every other month. There is no cost to read these on the web page. All information is Copyright by Annie Kirkwood, Bunch, OK. Contact Annie Kirkwood for reprint permission.


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